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I officially hate mornings.
I wake up at 5:30, five days a week, and each time I try to cram in five extra minutes, I end up having a late start to my day.
And with a late start, I end up choosing the wrong clothes to wear for the weather, then I end up missing the most important meal of the day, and lastly I get frustrated and lose motivation to do anything the whole day.
Leaving me, at the bottom of a wishing well, longing for a second chance to start the day.
And while I'm at the bottom, I start to think everything over. While everyone else is just watching me, like I'm some normal person.
And I'm not, I think I'm a little bit sane.
"Holland! Stop sleeping your life away!"
"I'm up! I'm up!" I'm just not out of bed yet.
Dragging my feet
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"I'm sorry Mrs.Lucas. I'll be on time tomorrow." I only said that to get her off my back, and because I know Nick was serious about the whole 'we will be early tomorrow' thing.
"Is that you commiting?"
"It's me trying."
Mrs.Lucas bobs her small squishable head. "I won't give you detention, but you will have a consequence. Come in at lunch to clean off the desk in the back."
"Gross! Why?"
"We have a new student coming in tomorrow."
"I don't want to touch gum, boogers, and any other substance that was put on the desk."
"You should of thought about that before you opened your mouth."
"I'll get a disease from all the bacteria!"
"You should of thought about that---"
"Before I opened my mouth, yeah yeah. I got it. Can I bring Amanda?"
My eyes focus on Amanda's body that turns in her chair, "hell no!"
I pucker out my bottom lip and try to make my eyes look watery, "please?"
"You're lucky you're my best friend."
"I'm lucky cause I won't die alone," I mutter. Although, I know she heard me cause of her small chuckles.
Mrs.Lucas claps her manicured hands together. "Let's start class
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