Personal Narrative: 5th Grade Deportage

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5th grade deportage was a fun time in my life. It was a camp surrounded by woods and a big lake. There was 1,000 acres of woods. That was where one of the scariest moments in my life happened. Charlie to base was a game they played there, and It was a harmless game so I thought. I was paired up with two other kids I did not know to find clue in the 1,000 acres of woods. With this experience I have learned that people can only fully rely on themselves and not other people. A cloudy, cool temperature day, two 5th grade students and myself were sent off into the woods for a game called Charlie to Base. In this game we were given a walkie talkie and a compass to find clues. That still does not sound like a good to me. So the two other students …show more content…

Being an emotional fifth grader, someone could imagine how hard that was. After listening to the other two kids cry about how scared the were, and talking about bad scenarios I realized quickly I had to be the mature one. We were in contact with the counselor over the walkie talkie, but without knowing our location that did not do us much good. If wondering around 1,000 acres in the woods lost was not bad enough, it started raining. Very convenient right? "Stop panicking, help is on the way guys!" I assured "Okay, I am sorry this is just really scary." Wilson replied. After about ten more minutes our counselor was getting worried also. She said no one has ever been lost before. Just what we wanted to hear. We got the bright idea to check the map, and see where the lake was. That was after an hour and a half in the rain. We figured it out and found the lake. We then saw that camp was all the way across from the lake. Which does not seem like a far walk, but keep in kind the was 1,000 acres we are talking about. We then started walking toward camp finally. "I am so glad we found this lake!" Austin said. "Trust me I am to, that was scary!" Austin

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