Personal Narrative: 9 A. M.

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When you look back on life, do you regret any of your mistakes? Sometimes I look back and pity myself and think about how badly I wish I could go back and change certain decisions that I made, but reality hits you real hard in the face and guess what… you can’t. That’s pretty much how my story goes, but there’s definitely a lot that I, and others, can learn from.
I can slightly remember that earlier part of the morning when my parents were leaving for work, my mom first around 7:30 A.M, and then my step-dad around 9 A.M. It was a completely normal morning, except for the fact that I hadn’t been attending school for almost the past 2 months for mental health reasons. I said goodbye to my step-dad as he left for work and then immediately grabbed the home phone and called my friend Dakota. I turned on some music pretty loud—insensitive to the fact that I was living in an apartment— and talked to him for a little while until the conversation became a uncomfortable. Dakota began to tell me about how amazing alcohol was and how surprised
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I could only hear extremely sharp ringing in my ears and nothing else. All I can really remember from this point is lying down on the floor against one of the table legs and passing out. After a certain amount of time, my step-dad rushed up the stairs, paramedics following, and he was in my face screaming things that I couldn’t understand and can’t remember. I had an overwhelming feeling of anger that ran all over my body so I began spitting on the paramedics. I was so in and out that I don’t recall how I got down the stairs, but I remember being in the ambulance and one of the EMTs was trying to prick my finger while I was screaming and pulling away because I was scared of the pain it would cause. As the ambulance pulled out, I could hear the sound of sirens as we drove away from my apartment; and then I was out
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