Personal Narrative: A Career As A Messenger

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I have been working as a messenger since assignment day for just shy of nine weeks. This job has exceeded my expectations by far. On assignment day, when I drew from the bag of jobs, I was extremely nervous. Disappointment ran through me when I pulled the job of ‘Messenger’ out of the hat. I had expected the job to be bland and boring, just running back and forth. But, since I have been on the job for several weeks now, all of those thoughts have been proven wrong. I love the job of Messenger. You get to run around, meet new people, and get to do things that you otherwise would not be able to do. On assignment day I was hoping that I would not end up with any bad job such as Mold Scraper, Pipeworks Laborer, or Trash Sifter. I think that the position of Messenger rates higher than other jobs like the ones that I just listed, because you get to have fresh air and run around instead of plodding around. I mean what could be better than running outside the whole entire day. Some of the responsibilities that you have to endure while being a Messenger would be that you must be quick to deliver your message. One other very important responsibility is…show more content…
In order for this to work, we would divide the city into four quadrants. In each quadrant we would have a certain number of people working there and we would put one central base for each region. This would help the messengers that live on the other side of the city, by preventing them from walking all the way across the city to get to the command center for the messengers. The messengers that live in that region would report to the central base for that region and then they would start their day. I think that this idea will result in improved messengers . It also adds another level of conveniences for the people of Ember because they can get their messages faster and more
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