Personal Narrative: A Career As A Music Education

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Time has always been a commodity for me. There were days in my sophomore year where I attended a combo rehearsal at 6:20 in the morning, went to school, showed up for musical rehearsal that lasted two and a half hours, and then drove to an honors band rehearsal for another two hours. Working that much in one day was stressful to say the least, especially since there was no time for me to unwind. While these sixteen hour days were exhausting, they were valuable because they taught me how to manage my time. Organization is huge for someone as busy as me. I even neglected to mention the time I needed to do my homework, the time I needed to eat, the time I needed to practice for my private trumpet lessons, and the list goes on and on. I hold all of these things at a very high regard, so blowing off something like a homework assignment was out of the…show more content…
Earning exceptional grades under these extreme situations is an amazing feat on its own, but college is a whole new ball game. I intend on taking advantage of this valuable life skill to guide me through my life as a music education major. When I met with the trumpet professor at Eau Claire, he explained how being a music education major is similar to being a CEO—and he is right. Band directors are expected to do far more than what normal teachers are expected to do; directors run a number of different ensembles and are responsible for managing finances, repairing, replacing, and keeping track of music and instruments, running lessons and rehearsals, securing times and places to perform, preparing to conduct pieces, and the list goes on. With so many things to do and keep track of, organization is not a tool, it is a necessity. My experiences with time management in high school has prepared me to handle the rigorous college coursework as well as the near endless expectations that I will encounter as a band
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