Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nurse Educator

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As a Nurse Educator, one of my duties is to take students to Truman for clinical experiences. During assessments and problem solving, I noticed most of the senior students couldn’t critical think or problem solve. Research was completed on best practices for problem solving in nursing. As an instructor I begin to utilize the Problem-Based Learning Method in regards to enhancing and improving critical thinking and problem solving skills. Evidence shows that more students suffer with clinical decision making due to lack of critical thinking and problem-solving (Hamdan, Li Kwan, Khan, Ghafar, & Sihes, 2014). The process was first experimented on my own group of nursing students during our clinical days. The steps involved consist of the follow:…show more content…
As a result, I spoke with the other clinical instructors during an in-service and they also adopted this method with their students. Due to this research, Donnelly College of Nursing students’ will graduate with experience and knowledge of critical thinking and problem-solving technique within their program. The student’s evaluation of the method is at an 85% approval rate. They express the benefits has increase their scores and enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skill. This skill will help prepare students for NCLEX due to most of the instructors are utilizing this method within NCLEX review. The goal is to implement this method in the beginning and throughout their studies, therefore by the time of graduation, students will have a foundation in problem solving and critical thinking skills.
The research and implementation helps the entire organization improve collaboration, team work, critical thinking and problem solving skills, that not only prepare the students for nursing, but has an everlasting effect on problem solving. The overall outcome results are still being evaluated due to future plans of publishing my research related to Problem-Solving within a LPN Nursing Program is currently in progress. The process is going great so far and students verbalizes their ability to critical think and problem solve is
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