Personal Narrative: A Career As A Radio Sports Intern

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My mother always told me I have a voice for TV, but a face for radio. So here I am. All kidding aside, radio has been a significant part of my media consumption and continues to be my preferred method of absorbing information. It started out listening to WFAN in New York while my dad would drive me to school. We would debate along with the hosts and my dad and I felt like I could talk for hours.

The opportunity to work as the radio sports intern provides me a unique opportunity to work behind the scenes while also gaining practical and invaluable experience and knowledge. My written communication is strong, and I have been able to show that with my work for Sconnie Sports Talk. I have written on a variety of sports and topics while covering players, teams, and leagues, and I have amassed thousands of readers on my articles. I am tasked week to week with coming up with a topic to write about, researching, writing and editing the article, and publishing it, all on a tight deadline. The research is especially important to me and will be something I can provide as a Radio Sports intern. All these skills help prepare me for a career in sports media.
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I have experience managing social media accounts and websites for my volunteer organizations, and my work in journalism classes has prepared me to consume and process a vast amount of news in a short period of time. Helping to be a part the product and add to the sports programming would be a great opportunity and one that I would be excited to
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