Personal Narrative-A Career As A Social Tracter

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My scheduled flight from Paris lands on the tarmac at St. Louise this afternoon at three, an Uber instantly response to my call and by six, my Hotel room felt homey. For the past two years, I have traveled intensely searching for hidden secrets of magic to add to my show. I’m a professional magician working under the stage name of Vanish. I have performed on numerous occasions in Vegas, London, Paris, and the French Riviera, made several guest appearances on the David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon shows and my name appears all over the social network. I believe in lifelong learning and whenever the opportunity arises, I attend major magic symposiums. Therefore, when my manager pointed out that I had a five-day hiatus between gigs, I immediately…show more content…
I laugh and said, “All the time.”
When our camaraderie of laughter subsides, Didget extends an invitation for me to share a bottle of wine with him. I grin and accept his generous offer and tell him I just hit twenty-one yesterday. He said that calls for a celebration and a special wine, therefore, he orders a bottle of 1945 Château Mouton-Rothschild.
A sommelier presents the Mouton and afterwards Didget proposed a toast to the Greek god Dionysus.
Percy Jackson comes to mind and the image of Dionysus in a Hawaiian shirt therefore I ask, “Why select Dionysus to toast rather than Bacchus?” Didget leans forward and says, “The Greek deities have more panache than the sour grape Romans.”
I laugh, and said, “I have a book on Mythology in my room, a birthday gift from my mother.” Didget arched an eyebrow and said not a
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I am a Gatekeeper, enjoying a glass of Mouton.” “You’re a security guard,” I said a little too loud. Didget chuckles and said, “No, I am a troubleshooter for the unemployed Immortals.”
I experience an enormous cognitive hiccup. I swear that I thought for a moment that I had entered the twilight zone. Hence, I consume several gulps of wine, before I say, “No, shit.”
Didget said, “Vanish, thousands of generations ago, my boss Harold selected from his personal labor force, twelve loyal workers and promoted them to the hereditary position of Gatekeeper. Nevertobewaylost a distant relative happened to be one of the original twelve.
Not wanting to sound stupid, I ask, “Why?”
“Once upon a time earthling mortals developed an insatiable hunger for power and land. Shortly afterwards they began to play the God game. Replacing one Immortal with another. Someday Vanish, I will introduce you to Zeus and he can explain the rules and regulation of how to play the game. Anyway, Harold didn’t take kindly to the idea of the dislocated Immortals wandering, the earth, thus he intervened and established a sanctuary for them in Tennessee.”

I play along and say, “Can I sell this confidential information to the
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