Personal Narrative: A Career As A Sound Technician

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Job description
The job of sound technicians are to set up and operate the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance mix and reproduce sound. They do this at events like concerts, conferences, films, broadcasting, advertising etc. They ensure that the right sounds are being used and when. They, ultimately, act as a bridge between the performer/speaker, to the audience, all while not being noticed. The roles of a sound technician could be split into 2 different categories: production and post-production. In production, the recording of sound is done on set or on location. Post-production is when audio is mixed, edited on, mixed, and balanced after it has being recorded. In large productions, such as films and concerts, there is usually
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The next kind of official step is to experience it first hand, by joining, say the tech crew of your school, as I have already done. Learn the ropes of the job form the senior students and teachers, and work your way up the ranks to helping out, and then actually working at events outside school. Once high school is over, the next thing to do is to get an actual official degree or certificate in a technical, or basically any college, in that area. I would try to get as high a degree as I can get that would entail a sound technician, maybe even a masters, if that’s possible. After getting the highest degree possible, I would need to look for an internship. Because of my (hopefully) high degree, I would have a broad range of choices to pick from. Personally, I would pick the internship to a company that’s well know, and does large/popular events and movies. The next step would be to get an actual job. I would aim for continuing to work at company that I had my internship with, since I have already established a relationship with them. The final step that I would take, to nail my professional career, would be to be certified from Recording Arts
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