Personal Narrative: A Career As A Student Assistant

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Until now, putting leadership skills into practice has never truly caused me to question myself. In the past I had just approached leadership, and never thoroughly thought about what I needed to actually be doing or thinking. Starting a project and thinking more about my actions has allowed me to see what type of leader I am and what type of leader I want to be. The Leadership and Management course for engineers has begun to give me the tools I need to succeed not only in my future career, but in current projects I work on now.

In order to put my gained leadership tools into practice I proposed a work project over training new student services assistants. As well as working with my supervisors, training new student employees has become my
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I thought about this style and noticed that I do react that way in certain past scenarios. I’ll admit half the time I do avoid conflict because it gives me anxiety, but the other half of the time I don’t because the subject is important to me. I took this style I know I have represented in the past, and decided to use the concepts in the reading to change how I would deal with the present. Currently, a staff assistant and I noticed that one or two of the other student assistants would try to avoid helping students, or callers. They did so not because they didn’t want to help, but because they feel like they don’t know how to help. Instead of just bluntly saying something to them, we decided to think about how to approach the situation and what we could do to make them more comfortable in learning how to…show more content…
I know there are areas in which certain individuals need to work on, and it’s one of my duties as a leader to help them catch on. In order to do so I will need to think of how I can create better situation in which they feel they are doing at least satisfactory work. As a leader I can be more effective by inquiring more about what they think about the tasks. Having an everyday idea of their perspective will allow me to put myself in their shoes, and ultimately see how I can make it more comfortable for them.
In the next few weeks we will be integrating a scanning system that will allow for less need of filing. Our registrar and director agree this would be more efficient instead of all the paper work that piles up. A new goal will be set within the project, which will be getting them introduced to more to scanning and less with filing. Still with the same objective, we will need to have it finished within an appropriate amount of
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