Personal Narrative: A Career As A Supervisor

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My experience with a poor supervisor led to my change in changing divisions in my organization. In 2003, my supervisor was such a bad leader that I was forced to change from operations to information systems. His leadership style was corrosive due to his passion for his own success and not the others around him. Callousness leaders are uncaring for their subordinates and others around them (Manning & Curtis, 2015). This attitude created a high turnover rate in his department due to his insensible behavior toward others. My supervisor was hired from outside of the organization and his culture did not fit the organization’s beliefs or mine. However, my concern was first about my career at our organization. He was concerned more about…show more content…
His lack of knowledge of how the company performed was evident and this action caused his incompetency. As we discussed in a successful leader, self-confidence was a major quality needed to be a successful leader. His insecurities in providing leadership caused his downfall in our organization. His career with my organization only lasted about four and a half years. The two he brought in left in six months after his final day. A good leader provides inspiration and the lack of inspiration moves others to leave or be moved out of the leader’s authority line. To inspire others one must care for their subordinates first. A leader by title alone will erode the organization’s faith in leadership (Myatt, 2012). Poor leadership style segregates people due to lack of communication or only communicating to those the leader feels needs the communication. This type of leader does not usually last long in an organization’s culture which is to transform lives. My supervisor lacked the ability to meet performance objectives because his leadership style. Not getting a team to perform at its highest ability is solely on the leader of the group (Manning & Curtis, 2015). After his departure in my company, I was able to move back to the operations division. Poor leaders are everywhere and we must learn from their actions and become a better leader
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