Personal Narrative: A Career As A Surgical Technologist

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While the pain is fresh and the glory is sweet, I decided to write this article about my experience running the marathon and how in my opinion, it metaphorically correlates the beginning and the diurnal responsibility of my profession as a Surgical Technologist.

On March 19, I ran my 3rd Los Angeles marathon- a running event that is becoming an annual affair that me and my wife participates, which started 3 years ago when she signed me up to run my first marathon exactly one month before the event (she did her first the year prior).

I have never taken such immense proposition like this before on such a short notice that even though I occasionally ran 5K and 10K this is like a baptism with fire.

Immediately, I picked up and put on my running shoes and start conditioning my body, mind and spirit. Imbued with my wife’s
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You know your basic and you warm up your legs, it is all mental grit from here on.

Running events adopts the philosophy of honor or honesty system based on trust, honor and honesty. Likewise, surgical technologist adheres to the aphorism of surgical conscience and the maxim “Aeger Primo” or patient first which equally means that you don’t cut corners and cheat to get ahead of your fellow participant or potentially compromise patient safety.

A responsible marathon runner and surgical technologist alike, accepts either principles and the precept that dictates their respective professional conduct for the patient protection from harm and the sanctity of the event.

Standing on the starting line with the crowd of people is akin to an operating room filled with clinicians taking part in the procedure and like everyone, you prepare for the day with optimism and anticipation to finish strong and
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