Personal Narrative: A Career As A Veterinarian Technician

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This semester I’ve learned a lot about understanding behaviors in the work place, win-win solutions, dealing with conflicts, emotions, creativity and problem solving to diversity. This class have giving me an insight on how important it is to get along with coworkers and clients and now knowing that will help me become more successful in my profession as well as my personal life. Once the class started I was trying to completing the first assignment and as the thoughts in my head was this stuff is simply common sense. I’m sure all of us know what to do at work and how to apply for jobs or working with people. Now that I’ve completed the course I can truly say in order to be the best I can be in my profession I must develop great human relations…show more content…
October 2013, I started working for an Animal Hospital as a Customer Service Coordinator. Kelsey and I started at the location around the same time. We began to grow on each other and became good friends at work and outside of work. Kelsey and I created a Win-Win situation after our 1 year anniversary at the clinic we both wanted to move up in the company so we started researching the Veterinarian Technician position and during our down time at work we would rotate helping the Veterinarians. I had no idea my manger were observing the both of us and offered us the position to become Veterinarian Technicians. When reading the chapter on creating win-win situations really stuck with me because I live off the saying do unto other as you would want them do to you. Knowing now for sure in order to get what you want you have to be willing to help others get what they need vice versa.

A major benefit of dealing with people in work places and outside of work is dealing with conflict. Disagreements can easily cause individuals to have confrontations which isn’t always easy to resolve or ignore the situation. When trying to handle conflicts, we need to be aware of the ego state the
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