Personal Narrative: A Career As An Advocate At Boston Medical Center

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As I was finishing my last shift as a Health Leads advocate at Boston Medical Center I couldn’t help but think back to my first shift three years earlier. I was nineteen years old walking into the Pediatric Unit eager to make a difference. Being located in a poverty-stricken part of Boston many uninsured and low-income families would bring their children to Boston Medical Center. As an advocate, it was our responsibility to make sure they had everything they needed from food to shelter while working hand in hand with their physician. I expected to reaffirm my desire to become a physician by witnessing all the positive work that can be accomplished. What actually happened was something quite different, something that made me wonder, “Do I really want to go into medicine?”
The waiting room was filled with twenty to thirty children and their overwhelmed parents. I watched as these families waited two to three hours to see a physician. They would only spend ten minutes with the family and send them home with a prescription in hand and the hope that their child would get better. It left me confused as to what it meant …show more content…

She was a single mother of three children all under the age of ten, two of who had cystic fibrosis. Sarah was referred to us by Dr.Palfrey after she was laid off. It was evident she didn’t know where to start and at times looked as though she wanted to give up. But as soon as Dr.Palfrey would smile at her and tell her it would all be okay she had an instant sense of confidence. Over the next six months I worked with Sarah and was able to not only find her employment but also to find her free childcare. During my time with Sarah I saw the impact Dr.Palfrey made on her life. I saw him realize Sarah’s determination to improve her life but not know how to ask for help, I saw him care for more than just how quickly he could move on to the next patient but to make sure he fulfilled his role as a

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