Personal Narrative: A Career As An Executive Coach

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At the age of 41, I did not feel too late to realize what I like the most. It took few seconds to decide and dump my plum job of Program Director at global MNC. Mentally I granted myself a new designation of 'Executive Coach' - highly rewarding career only if I can get engaged for same time as my full-time job.

Getting first assignment as an Executive Coach was not tough, however for someone who lived 50hours a week like for over 15 years, it proved challenging to stay happy with just 20% engagement. My marketing partner advised me to share my ideas with world through writing and my first LinkedIn blog attracted 450 eyeballs. Second blog went 'mini-viral' with close to 6000 views, 260 likes and 38 comments.

Finding topic that interests most business user was not difficult for me and I was complimented with statement that 'even without research statistics, your writing have amazing conviction'!!
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I am happier person and don't miss any opportunity to pat my back for the big decision of making myself redundant from corporate
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