Personal Narrative: A Career In Acting

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For as long as I could remember, I have always had an interest in acting and performing. However, growing up I was constantly overcome with anxiety that I would hold myself back from ever participating in school performances and enrolling in acting workshops. To make up for those missed opportunities, I began teaching myself by imitating scenes when I am alone, picking up on the rules and techniques by observing actors on screen, and watching behind-the-scenes videos so that when I grew older, I would be prepared for the real thing. When I finally mustered up the courage and motivation to enroll in this course, those techniques I taught myself were not only confirmed but were even enforced on us students. Skills such as character development,…show more content…
This goes back to what I said in the previous paragraph: When I see a poor execution, the overall watching experience becomes a little less magical. "It should appear that the lines said are exactly what the character wanted to say at that moment" (Tucker 142). If done otherwise, it will not be believable or genuine. The performance will not only look awkward, but also obviously and painfully fake. Furthermore, acting is just another form of storytelling. When a talent fails to memorize their lines and if a line is not appropriately carried out, the outcome of the film or television show will have a negative effect on the viewers and could be poorly…show more content…
If an actor gives the same performance in different works without any variety, it could tend to get boring and even predictable. By possessing different acting styles, it could expand how many characters an actor could play so that they would not have to be limited to certain roles. Moreover, the talent would be able to give each performance a different approach than the last.
The camera acts as the eyes of the viewer, so camera angles, shots and framing are very important as they show what is going on in the story. Various angles could even zoom in and show us important actions or information that we could have easily missed. When done correctly, the film or television show will flow together and provide a better viewing experience to the audience.
With the help of Professor Muth, these important acting skills– character development, line memorization, relaxation on-camera, different styles of acting, and working with camera angles– have been further instilled in me to make the performance more believable. Not only that, but thanks to this class I grew confidence in my skills and have become more comfortable with acting before an audience. With the lessons I have learned, I have a better understanding of the entertainment industry and will be able to improve my
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