Personal Narrative: A Career In Aviation

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In my life I have never seen so much untrustworthiness in my life. Until I came back to school to get my degree in aviation management. I will be jumping around a little as I go and I apologize. I have a very big discomfort with some of the pilots I have met. First, I will discuss my feelings about the school I currently attend. Second, I will address the maintenance scare in the industry. Lastly, I will discuss the pilot scares that have arose.

The more and more I read more into crash reports and look into incident reports I feel that aviation has gotten t be a safer form of travel. However I do not feel that aviation will ever be truly safe. We have invented and drafted many types of legislation, rules, and technologies for the growing aviation
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In my own opinion I feel that the aviation community would become ever safer if more training and schooling went into teaching more about helicopters and how they operate.

My time thus far has shown me that the safety of all aspects of the helicopter ad airplane safety has been pushed to the side. Looking back into my fundamentals of Air Traffic Control, we went over a little bit of helicopters abilities being a CAT 1 aircraft. I felt that this was not enough information for future controllers or even students in the aviation field to safely understand the operations behind how they fly in the controlled and non controlled airspace.

I do not have a lot of experience behind investigating why schools teach more airplanes over helicopters. I have however asked certain Professors at Kent State University as to why. One Professor who will be known as Professor X because I do not believe in saying who the person is without their written consent. I learned that Kent State does not believe that enough students will take the programs if they are offered. That the cost to maintain the helicopters would be to
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Yet, from my previous knowledge with military pilots. They may know how certain things work in the aircraft, they have no idea how to right up discrepancies for maintainers to understand. For instance. Look at Birgenair Flight ALW-301. If the pilots would have known a little about how an aircrafts system works. The accident could have been avoided all together.

My rant is all over the place. I do not know where to maintain just one area of disappointment in the aviation industry. I feel it would start if schools would take a bigger role in teaching students about the maintenance practices.
Maybe if Kent State would bring back the aviation maintenance degree or just some of the programs offered into the pilot program. The students would be more knowledgeable on how systems work and how to troubleshoot things on the move.

Nothing scares me more than a pilot who has no clue how a system works. I have had my share of pilots not knowing what circuit breaker goes to what. Causing mechanics like myself and others to become electrocuted or lose something that was attached to them. For these simple reasons, pilots need more training then what is already set in place. As the years go on, I have seen the FAA shorten the required time a person needs to fly commercial jets. For this reason the aviation industry has become safer, but not because of the
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