Personal Narrative: A Career In Healthcare

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Nigeria, 2001, I awakened startled with people screaming indiscriminately. My dad's head was bleeding profusely, and my cousin, sitting in the passenger seat was bleeding from his neck. There were shards of shattered windshield everywhere. I was in the backseat uninjured but scared. This commotion was the aftermath of a car accident involving my dad, my cousin and me, while he was driving us to school. Next, we were rushed to the hospital, however, upon arrival, we were refused treatment until we paid an admissions fee. This practice was common in my country. Although the incident was disturbing, it drove me towards a career in healthcare, mainly working with patients who have a difficulty affording their medical care.

After immigrating to the United States, I saw that a lack of access to adequate healthcare was not limited to Africa. In January, 2014, Shorty after my arrival in the United States, the hospital in my town of Orange, and I saw how poverty and inadequate medical care combine to create lasting health disparities, that can plague a community for generations.

However, the human cost of inadequate medical care was not readily apparent until I met Mr. X during my internal medicine clerkship. Mr. X was a seventy-year-old Hispanic truck driver with uncontrolled diabetes with two recently amputated toes. During my …show more content…

Throughout my internal medicine rotations, during any free time, residents sat with me one-on-one taught me differences between treating hyperglycemia in the in-patient setting versus outpatient setting. Likewise, my attendings were eager to answer questions from students, no matter how trivial the questions was. Moreover, the residents showed the highest level of professionalism, they were through their mutual appreciation for each other and reverence for the

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