Personal Narrative: A Career In Hollywood

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I was fired from one of my first jobs because I continuously forgot to put bananas on banana splits (9). I then became a model for Hattie Carnegia, under the name Diane Belmont (1). I also started appearing in very small film roles (1). The small films I appeared in included: Three Little Pigskins (1934), Room Service (1938), Roberta (1935), Top Hat (1935), Follow the Fleet (1936), Stage Door (1937), and Hey Diddle Diddle (1936) (1). My possible big break, Hey Diddle Diddle, ended very suddenly. Sadly, the star, Conway Tearle, because seriously ill one week before going to Broadway. Later in my career was when my big break really occurred. I decided to permanently move to Hollywood. While in Hollywood, I was in a show called My Favorite
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