Personal Narrative: A Career In The Nursing Field

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Squeaking shoes, running fast, comfy scrubs that make it easy to move fast, shiny stethoscopes that help nurses hear patient's hearts beat. These are some of the things that nurses do everyday at work. Along with helping patients there are many tasks that nurses do every day in a variety of locations that not only take a toll on them physically but mentally as well.
They are many different jobs within the nursing field and each one requires different qualifications and ability. I work at a eye doctor and at a family practice. One of the general tasks that I help the doctor do every day are physical exams and get checking on current medical history of the patient and of their family so that we know any possible diseases that may be passed
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I also do general tests such as strep, influenza A and B, mono, urine tests, electrocardiogram testing, some CLIA- Waive Testing. For a strep test I have to take a long q-tip and swab the back of the patents throat then put it in a test tube with several drops of two different chemicals. After waiting ten minutes I take a test strip and see if it has two lines on it, if it does they have strep if there is only one then they do not of strep. For the influenza A and B it is the exact same process just with different chemicals and I use the q-tip to tickle the insides of the patient's nose.Nurses that work at a hospital do numerous other testing such as blood work. They also educate the families of the patients what their options are for care as well as explain any medication or…show more content…
“Nurses have to manage their emotions and the expression of their emotions to perform best care, and their behaviors pass through emotional labor” (Badolamenti 1). Sandra Badolamenti's definition of emotional labor involves the nurses ability to hide what they are feeling and their ability to perform the best patient care possible regardless of how stressful their current situation is. Jiunn-Horng talked about this in his academic journal. He talked about the effects on emotional labor male nurses in particular. Horng said, “Nurses are required to show high emotional labor, but this can bring about excessive reassure and emotional exhaustion”. I agree with this because even working at a family practice I have to work with kids and that can be emotionally draining. By the end of the day I am tired but I have to but my frustrations aside both with children and adults so I can provide the best care possible. One of the first things I thought about when I decided on becoming a nurse was how hard it would be to get through the schooling. It wasn’t until later that I thought about how hard it is emotionally for nurses. I think the way that Linda Perry talking about the requirements for nurses sums up what the job really requires besides the academic part is true. “Identifying common factors
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