Personal Narrative: A Career In Theater

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Acting isn’t for me, but theater is. I know that statement might seem a bit contradictory but hear me out. In my freshman year of highschool I joined the fall production of Beaux Stratagem so I could meet new people and have something to do after school while I waited for my mom to pick me up. Little did I know that this would require me to stay after school an extensive amount of hours, on some occasions even til 11 o’clock. Now to the average student going to bed at 11 is almost a fact of life, but juggling exhaustion and social responsibilities on most nights I was going to sleep around 2. After the production was over and a 5 week rest period was had I decided to audition for the spring musical. Because of this decision I was seen as crazy--most of the theater kids were. A majority of people only see the extensive amount of hours you put in and and final product, but I was able to experience the process of taking a script to stage and all the intricate logistical work that goes on behind the scenes. I may have been over my head, my grades may have suffered, my sleep schedule may have committed proverbial suicide, but I was committed to theater and the community that came with it …until my love for theater and I had a little hiccup in our relationship. During the audition for Shrek the Musical, I sang my little heart out and danced harder than I have ever before. After all that hard work I was rewarded with a…show more content…
After some soul searching and becoming personal friends with the bottom of a pint of dreyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream, I talked to the director and was able to apply for a position on tech crew instead. This way I would still be apart of the production, but behind the scenes. It was here that I rekindled my love for theater, and it burned brighter than ever, shining a light on a myriad of new
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