Personal Narrative: A Career in Social Work

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Professional Goal Statement The history of mental health in the United States show a robust movement towards the mental healthcare system we have today. Prior to the 19th century, individuals with mental health issues were widely considered to be demonically possessed, thus contributing to the stigmatization of mental illness and the proliferation of poor treatment conditions. However, in the 1800s, there was a dramatic change in mental healthcare in the U.S. The government took a proactive role in treating the mentally ill, leading to the dawn of state psychiatric facilities. Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, my employer, was part of this new dawn in state psychiatric care. Originally named Kings County Lunatic Asylum, this facility was transferred to state authorities in 1895 due to the tremendous growth of mental illness in the Kings County area of Brooklyn, New York. Today, with the advances in psychopharmacology and treatment philosophies, the facility has expanded to offer both inpatient and outpatient care, as well as community and residential programs. I have the privilege of working in the department of Program Operations as the administrative assistant to the Director. Program Operations deal with the daily management of administrative and operations facets of the facility’s inpatient and outpatient treatment and services. Since the director supervises departments such as psychology, social work, rehabilitation, pastoral care, intensive case management, and community
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