Personal Narrative: A Day At Bear Creek Intermediate School

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One fateful morning in Bear Creek Intermediate School, I was printed out of blue paper. I was made with the main words of Band, Choir, Drama, and Art. I was to be passed out to a random student in the school. They were to choose which I should be. I was stacked on top of other papers that were also newly printed and to be passed out to the children.
Later that day, it was almost time to pass us out. I wonder who will receive me and what he or she will choose. As I was day-dreaming of what my student will be like, it became time to be passed out. I was given to the red pod teachers. Yes! The pod that I wanted. I was given to the Barnes homeroom, I was excited to be the paper of a red pod student. Later, I was passed out to a Chinese student who seemed nervous about getting me. I thought that he was definitely going to choose band immediately and be done with me, but he didn’t. Instead, he took me home, looking at me the entire ride trying to make a decision.
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They said that they thought that he should pick band. Then, he surprised me and said that he didn’t want to do band. Instead, he said he either wanted Drama or Choir but couldn’t decide which. After almost an hour of intense staring, he listed the pros and cons of each drama and choir. As he looked at them. He leaned more to the Drama side, but then he realized that his heart was in Choir. He then consulted his parents and they told him to choose whatever he wants. He grabbed a pen and put a check by Choir then signed and asked his parents to sign. His father asked him if he was sure and he said absolutely. His father grudgingly agreed and signed
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