Personal Narrative: A Day At Park Hill Elementary School

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When at Park Hill Elementary School I was placed in a kindergarten class with Mrs. Maes. When I first entered the class, the environment was warm and inviting. All the students were interested in what the teacher was saying. After the teacher was done taking, she introduced me to the class and mentioned to the children to be on their best behavior and show their school ROAR. ROAR is a set of school wide rules that all the students follow. Throughout the day most of the students followed these rules, but some students did act out. The teacher proceeded to deal with each situation according to the student. It seemed like the teacher had specific rules to her class in addition to the school wide rules. In the class there was a student teacher,…show more content…
When they did stations, which I was lucky enough to teach at one, the students did arts and craft, a reading station, identify and looking at new words, and lastly a observing and writing a questions station. I was placed at the question station where I help the students write out a question they had about an animal. The teacher notified me that her class was all advance spellers and if they didn’t know how to spell something, they should sound it out. I found this to be true due to the students sounding out complicated words like dolphin and weather. Lastly, the school was filled to the top with parent evolvement. In the article Are Schools Doing Enough to Learn About Families, the author describes the way parents are perceived, “Parent engagement recognizes that much of what parents do to support their children’s education may not be visible to educators.”(Pushor) I find that in Park Hill, the parent’s actions and efforts are greatly visible to not only educators, but everyone at the school. The parents that volunteer have a great amount of support from the entire school, making them more willing to help out with…show more content…
Maes used in the classroom. I really enjoyed watching her teach and connect with her students through learning and communication. She would also describe why she did different activities, so I was able to gain even more perspective on how the classroom was running. Relating back to Fullan’s reading I found that Mrs. Maes was able to exhibit this action, “Moral purpose keeps teachers close to the needs of children and youth; change agentry causes them to develop better strategies for accomplishing their moral goals.” (Fullan) Having a teacher that is able to relate and put the children’s needs before your own really shows an incredible teacher. Mrs. Maes was able to address each student in their own way, and was able to schedule one on one time with every student in the classroom without taking away learning time from other students. I really hope I can do something similar in my on classroom due to the positive impact it had on the students in her class. I am also happy to say that I could and would like to use different techniques in my future classroom to help make learning fun. I would also like to add to my philosophy that it is totally possible to have a class of incredible and over achieving students, if you are willing to work with them and help them learn their
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