Personal Narrative: A Day At Summit Pointe High School

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On a sunny day at summit pointe elementary. It was the school picnic and I am with my family and friends.I got on the playground. I got on the swing with my friend Ella. So I asked if she could push me on the swing. “ yes,” Ella responded. Then when she started to push I trip and fell right on my arm. “It feels broken,”I carried. I was yelling and tears wore rolling down my face. Then I ran to my dad. “ what's wrong?” asked my dad. “ My arm hurt really bad,”I yelled. So went home. I could not move my arm. 2 days later. I was at the hospital. My heart was racing because I was so worried. Then I got a pink cast. I still have my cast. “ well are you ready to go home,” asked my dad. Yes but I am never touching a swing
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