Personal Narrative: A Day At Wal-Man

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It was an awkward day at Wal-mart. I was tripping all over the place. It felt as if I was blind. I thought it was going to be a normal day at Wal-mart. We parked our car and headed inside. It was pitch black. The only lights you could see were from the self check-out boards and they were hardly bright at all. My mom said we should go and come back another day, but my dad said we needed groceries badly. I thought we could use our phones, but we left them at the house. We hardly brought our phones with us anymore. So, it was going to be a weird grocery shopping day. Once we walked in we started our usual route and I bumped into a couple of people. I kept hearing people saying “ouch”. I bumped into the aisles hit my head a couple of times. My
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