Personal Narrative: A Day Before My Senior Year

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There it was, the day before my senior year, the next big step in life leading me to graduation and then college. Unfortunately, just like it is close to every big day in my life. I was sick. Literally the full nine yards, I would go from being hot one day and sweating like crazy to being cold and shivering the next. I refuse to go into my senior year sick, I mean this is supposed to be my year nothing can go wrong. Later that day I set up a doctor’s appointment for around two o’clock, I figured the faster I get in there the sooner I could get medicine, plus I had to meet Brea, Alease, and Jessica at the mall so we could do some last-minute shopping. Those three have been my best friends ever since I could remember. We grew up together and…show more content…
We sat and talked for a while to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks. Jessica had gone to visit her family, and Brea and Alease went to a basketball camp to help get better for the upcoming season of school ball and AAU. I on the other had went to a science camp. I know, I know that was geeky of me, but science is my favorite subject and I hope to be an anatomy professor one day. Brea and Alease started first, telling us about all the different things they did. They said that they did a lot of anaerobic exercises like sprints, weight lifting to gain more power with their shots and boxing out, and jumping drills to help with rebounds. After they said that I couldn’t help myself, I just had to tell them what I learned since it was about anaerobic and aerobic exercise. I told them how anaerobic exercise are called that because they don’t use oxygen, but it is part of the phosphagen system which only last a few seconds and is needed to make ATP for energy. It has a rate-limiting enzyme known as creatine kinase that’s found in the skeletal muscle. Jessica asked what an enzyme was, I guess she forgot since freshman year was so far away. I told her enzymes were just proteins that lower the activation energy of reactions. They were surprisingly amazed by how much I knew, so of course I continued to go on and on. I told them that aerobic was the…show more content…
I started to stress out and the blood pumping through my heart began to pump faster, almost like I could feel it go through all the veins and all the arteries in my body. My hormones were literally raging, I had to get a glass of tea to try to calm myself down. I just needed something to lower my cortisol levels because the stress of senior year and my life being so close to just getting started had me frightened. I had to figure out what caused the cortisol levels to increase so much so I looked it up before bed. I could not go to sleep till I figured it out. I found out that the low levels of bicarbonate in my body was part of the cause of the increase cortisol levels. Now that my geeky rampage was finally over, I had just enough time to pick out the perfect outfit for my first day, which I brought at the mall today. As I laid in my bed all calm and collected, I became overjoyed with my upcoming day. Now all I have to worry about is if this is my year to finally get a
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