Personal Narrative: A Day Here In California

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It all started like a normal day here in California. I went to school and learned about who cares because I wasn’t paying attention. I got home and did my homework which was about the forest fires in California. I was really scared when I read it because I lived right on a forest line. So I asked my mom
“You’re are fire alarm working?”
“Yes sweety they are we just checked them last week remember.”
“Oh yeah I remember. Thank you.”
That made me feel a lot better. So I finish my homework which was pretty easy. After, I had a basketball game. Are team was in the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. We didn’t realize then but that would change our lives.

Are team won the game 52-46. I had my season high in points 19. We were going to the
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She started to pick up speed. Looking up, lucky for us we were pretty close to where we live. We turned on the news and it said
¨A huge forest fire has just started around California EVERYONE GET OUT NOW!¨
When we got there it was too late the forest fire had already burned down our house. Mom was crying for some reason even though it wasn't her fault. I mean forest fires can happen any time in California.
¨What are we going to tell dad?¨ I
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That was fun. Lucky for Emily and I because he had a screen that we could watch movies on. I was still wondering what we were going to tell dad and my friends about the house burning down. When we finally got to their apartment they were already outside waiting. We could barely get out of the car before they run to hug and kiss us. When we finally got out of the mob we were pretty hungry. Are Grandma had been cooking the whole time when she heard are house burnt down. It had been a long time since we had seen are Mom´s family we had a really fun time are dad had come back a week after our house burnt down. He said that we have to live with are family for a little while longer. So, are mom and dad work there buttś off trying to get the money to rebuild the house. Emily and I also worked down at are Grandpa´s store for money. About, two months later we had made enough money to rebuild the house. That would take time. That project took 3 years before it was done. But, it looked amazing we even added a pool which was
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