Personal Narrative: A Day In Chicago, Illinois

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“Dad, I can’t talk, I'm heading out right now,” I said while hugging the phone with my shoulder up to my ear. He told me to be cautious on the roads, considering the blizzard we had just had a few days ago. It was an unusually calm day in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. A perfect day to travel, the snow on the ground glistened as it had just been freshened with a new coat from the light snowfall early this morning. The sun was barely noticeable from the distance as the tip of it lit up the outline of city. It gave the trees a soft glow making it look like there were thousands of microscopic diamonds floating off the branches of the bare trees through the breeze, carrying them across the neighborhood and greeting themselves at the window…show more content…
And with that I hung up and turned my music back up. It was going to be a long ride, at least eight hours. Leaning over my steering wheel I looked up at the sky and found clouds forming. I hoped the snow wasn’t enough to greatly impact my driving. I had passed out of the town and into the next and the next town after that. Eventually I reached a town somewhat in the middle of Illinois. The town was called Mattoon. It wasn’t the most welcoming town I’ve seen. There were a lot of worn down buildings that looked like they had been burned to their last wooden plank. I had been driving for almost three hours, and my stomach was screaming at me to feed it. I decided to stop at the nearest gas station. As I pulled in even the store looked like someone had beaten it with a bat on every wall. The glass windows seemed to appear shattered as several spider legged cracks webbed across the surface making the inside look dark and horrendous. As I hesitantly opened the door that created a creaking noise that sounded like muffled screaming that you would hear while in the middle of abandoned woods where every tree would mold a different unnerving face at you, surrounding you with the sound of its bark screeching at you. The inside was worse than the outside. Every shelf was varnished with dust. The dissatisfying smell of mold and liquor created a feeling of sick eruption in my stomach. Nothing in the gas station looked pleasing to my appetite whatsoever. I never took the time to realize I was the only one standing in the odious gas station. I was the only one in here, but I could sense an eerie presence. I hectically moved to the door trying to get out of the building causing me to choke on the unpleasant smell. Before my hand could reach the handle I felt an excruciating pain spread across the nerves of my skull. And with that my heavy eyelids shut abruptly and I feel to my knees. I woke up in a
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