Personal Narrative: A Day In Florida

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It was a bright hot summer day in Florida, and my family had just arrived for our week long vacation, but we were in for the biggest shock of our unified life. We had never thought that this dreadful thing could happen at such a beautiful place. First, to start off our day, we decided to go on a dolphin cruise. It was so beautiful to see the dolphins jumping up and down, and watching them swim behind the trail the boat left. It was as if they were little kids playing in the waves on the shore of the beach. Yet they were very elegant and seemed to swim in a perfect line. I thought to myself nothing is better than this. After we got off our boat we went to a beautiful aquarium. We saw so many exquisite animals, and some animals, like the snakes were just super creepy. I hated walking through the snake exhibit, it felt as if they were all staring me down, getting ready to strike at me. I swore after that, I would never go anywhere that snakes were. As soon as we got in our car to drive back my sister and I were both getting hungry. We heard of a pizza parlor that was…show more content…
The waves were immense, so we were all told not to go too far out. As my family started to get out of the water, after swimming for awhile. I decided to stay in the water and swim for a little bit longer. I was swimming more remote out to the deep sea. Suddenly I felt my foot start to sink underneath something grainy and soggy. Struggling to pull my foot back my other foot started to go under. I was panicked now, not know what was happening was the most appalling part the whole time. I finally figured out what was happening, I was sinking in some deep sand. As I was yelling for help frantically, I suddenly realized no one could hear me, I was on my own. I pulled and pulled until I felt my foot be released from the sand. I swam as fast as I could, when I finally got back to the shore, I looked at my family and said let's go back
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