Personal Narrative: A Day In The Life Of Senior Lacardy

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A Day in the Life of Senior Lacardy Walking to Ms. Lacardy’s resident at Latrobe St, I can feel a peaceful environment. In front of her house a park is located where children scream of joyfulness, they play tag, basketball, and use the swings. What I love about Ms. Lacardy’s street is that it portrays a safe, clean, and a calm area. Unlike other streets in Chicago this one In particular was very clean not a signal garbage on the sidewalks. In addition, I noticed that all the neighbors had signs that posted we call the police. This clearly showed the union and how civically engage this community is. As I enter Ms. Lacardy’s residence I can hear gun shots from the load television of course it was her all-time favorite tv series criminal minds, there was not a signal day she missed an episode. As she welcomes me with…show more content…
Even worst she barely ate nothing I knew this because there was just 2 dishes to clean. It was until Ms. Lacardy said “Johana I’m ready for the interview don’t mind the empty bottles those are garbage from all week I just can’t walk without feeling an electric shock in my back this aeropathy is killing me”.” Oh Ms. Lacardy don’t worry I still think you should not be drinking at all it can affect your health dramatically”. I replied. With tears dripping from her eyes I was able to feel all the emotional pain she was going through she was battling with her life, loneliness, depression and pain. The interview setting was very sad, vulnerable, depressive but, one thing I knew for sure was that despite all this emotions at the time of the interview she was going to open her heart to me. She would often tell me I was her private phycologist and friend. Hence, at times I felt empowered to motivate her and invite her to the park even if it was just to sit in the bench have some snacks after all I was her phycologist. However, many times I failed she would preferred to be home close the curtains she didn’t like to see the
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