Personal Narrative: A Different Path

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A Different Path

"Louis McClymont, the nurse will see you know."As I took the dreaded walk to treatment room B, my fear of needles began to take over, the only time I ever had a jag before was when I was a baby, and that was too long ago to remember. I took a seat on the administering table; the nurse could see my body was shaking with fear. She tried to distract me from the enormous needle that was heading my way. "You're having a jag for yellow fever, where are you going?" "India" Sometimes you think you exactly where your life is headed and then something happens to steer you in a completely new direction. I was like everyone else in my year at school. I planned to sit my Highers, go to university, get a job and
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I didn't really know that much about it and I had very little knowledge of the work the group was involved in. I was aware that students from previous year groups had visited India but if I am being honest I never even really considered applying until I discovered that my UCAS application seemed a bit thin. I was looking for something out of the ordinary; something that would help me to stand out from the crowd and I was sure that several weeks working in India would do just that. I suppose you could say that in some respects my motivations for applying were a bit selfish. A few weeks passed and I had heard nothing. I had been so busy balancing school with a million and one other things that I had put all thought of the application to the back of my mind. It came as something of a surprise when I learned that I had been selected. 2 weeks in India - Was I sure I knew what I was doing? But the more I looked into it, the more I became certain I had been handed a life changing…show more content…
I'm most excited about the new experiences it will give me, this is a chance to see the world, make new friends. I have already spoken to the students that went in previous years, they all claim it’s a life changing experience. I hope this pilgrimage will open my eyes to those less fortunate, it's already made me want to further my charity work with APD. I have currently raised over £2000 for the charity and plan to raise more after the trip. The whole experience so far of meeting the people I will be working with has really made me open my eyes to the disadvantage disabled children have over in India and how I can help better their life,
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