Personal Narrative: A Dog's Life

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Slobber on your face, fur covering your black pants, mud being tracked in from outside, a giant furry being jumping on you when you enter the house, this can only mean one thing, a dog. Dogs are not only one of the most common pets, but they are also beloved by many people. Some people will even refer to their dog as their best friend, their companion, or the thing that brightens their day. It is evident that dogs have such a profound effect on people, and since I grew up around dogs, they had a profound effect on me too. However, it is not just my dog’s life that changed me, it was losing her that altered my perspective on life and death. When I was brought home from the hospital, it was not just my parents and sister that warmly greeted me, it was three, four pawed, wagging tailed creatures. Two of them died so early on in my life that I hardly remember them, but then there was Honey. Honey was a mix, no one knew what breed of dog she was, just that…show more content…
So it slowly weakened her until it came to the point that she laid under the deck for two days, barely living but still alive, that we had to take her to the vet and have her put down. It was devastating, having a creature that I loved so dearly be there one second, and then gone the next. I was eight years old, and I heartbroken. Dogs don’t live forever, and that is the tragic part of it. Even though they are only a small part of our world, we are all of theirs. Losing Honey gave me a new appreciation for life, but also a new perspective on death. Through that loss I was able to learn more about God, and that her soul was still alive, and I took comfort in knowing that I would see her again. Dogs are beautiful creatures that love you unconditionally and protect you fiercely, and so what a blessing not just that they get to be a part of our life, but that we get to be a part of
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