Personal Narrative-A Football Life

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A Football Life “John, are you ready for school?” yelled Mom. “Yes mom!” exclaimed John. It was the first day of school at George Carter High School. John had gotten in a bad routine of staying up late and not waking up until noon over the summer break. Since John did not go to the open house to meet his teachers he had no clue who they were, what they looked like, or if they were nice or not, but that was not his fear it was that he would have a class with Cam Johnson! For some reason he had never liked John, and he really never talked to him. This year was going to be different, because John knew that Cam wouldn´t try out for the school football team,so that he would get the starting spot on the town’s travel team. John is just now getting…show more content…
She had heard him sniffing his nose, and he only did that when he was getting sick or was about to cry. John replied,”No, I didn't make the team and I tried so hard!” John’s mom came up the stairs to comfort him and tell him it was okay. At the time that she got up there John mumbled,”Also, I didn't pass my biology class and I have a 70 in my math class” When Mrs.Pollack heard that she had became aggravated with him,but stayed nice and calm, so that John wouldn't become even more upset. Mrs.Pollack said to john,”It’s going to be okay remember you still have travel,and that will be better because then you can take Cam Johnson's spot, and that will feel better than making the silly school team.!” “John!” yelled mom. “Yes, mom?” replied john “ Are you ready for travel team tryouts?” asked mom “YES!”boasted John. Today were the tryouts for the travel football team,and John was feeling good,because he had been practicing every day with his dad, and even sometimes with his mom. When he got there he wasn't nervous like he was when he did school tryouts he blew Came out of the water in the quarterback drills and went on to get the starting spot,and get principal's honor roll the rest of the
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