Personal Narrative : A Haunted House

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For my final project, I visited to a haunted house to experience how American people are spending the most famous holiday Halloween night with my friends. My methodology is ethnographic observation which to visit a haunted house and experience one of many “American ritual” during Halloween season. As I am going to break ethnocentrism, practice viewing and adventuring American culture. Ethnocentrism is getting out of my comfort zone, experiencing other culture. I am going to a haunted house to see why the American people are enjoying getting scared also why people are coming back for it. Nightmare on 9 is one of the scariest haunted house in Washington state; people are rating this haunted house ten skulls out of nine. I am exceedingly excited and ready to spend a night at Nightmare on 9 with my friends on October 29th.
When I first came to America, with my host family I went to trick-or-treating with friends and host family’s daughter. I still remember that I dressed up and had full make-up as Dracula, and my friends dressed up as ghosts. I could not imagine that people can receive a year’s candy in one day. Also, I have picked up a pumpkin in a pumpkin farm and brought home carving many jack-o’-lanterns decorating at the front door with a candle inside of the pumpkin Therefore, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but I could not go trick-or-treating anymore because I am an adult now. Therefore, I was terribly disappointed about that I could not celebrate Halloween
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