Personal Narrative-A Humorous Journey

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As I sit on the stage of the most prestigious music hall in the world, Carnegie Hall, with my cello in between my legs and bow in hand, the conductor raises his baton. He cues me along with 150 symphony players dressed in uniform black tuxedos and gowns. I was unbelievably nervous, sitting second chair for hundreds to see; we opened with, “The Marriage of Figaro” composed by Mozart. I had been preparing for this contest, this moment, all year and now it was finally upon me.
When I was in the third grade, our districts high school orchestra teacher accompanied by a few high school players, came to my elementary class to inform us about stringed instruments because the next year was the first year I could play in the orchestra. It never crossed my mind that I wanted to play in orchestra until that day. I recall hearing the mellow, eloquent sound of the cello and absolutely falling in love with it. I knew I wanted to be just like the high schoolers and wanted to become just as good as them. When I first began to play the cello, it was difficult. I had never met something that required so much
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High school orchestra was a whole new level, with much more challenging music and much higher expectations. Freshman year I began in the back of the cello section, behind upperclassmen. I knew I was better than that and had to prove myself. The following year, I was now the 1st chair cellist, the Principle, of the Anderson High School Philharmonic orchestra. Later in the year, our orchestras got invited to participate in a winter festival in New York City and play in Carnegie Hall. Everyone was euphoric, being able to go to New York City and play in the Carnegie Hall is a very prestigious honor to anyone. We worked hard to master all of our musical pieces. But there was one problem, “The Marriage of Figaro”. The song is a living nightmare for cellos, but we didn’t give
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