Personal Narrative: A Letter To Bernie

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@ Joe. Glad to see you are still taking time to convey your ideas to us. As I didn't answer your last post, let me take the time to do so. Yes, I am retired. And in my time, I did deal with a lot of the worst of the bad guys. As to the good guys, no problem. The politics and futility of it. You learn to roll with the punches. As a general rule, I don't miss the fight, but there are times I miss the fun of it and the camaraderie of my fellow officers. As to having coffee in Missoula, I would rather spend my time on politics. As to being the butt of jokes. Stick to you “guns” you will like yourself more and be a better person for it. I do wish you God's speed in the writing of your book, and good luck at it. I know it is a tough endeavor. Someday day, I would enjoy reading…show more content…
But, as you valve your anonymity, I will not know what book you wrote or who you are. But, now we must turn our attention to Frances and his hero “Bernie”. If by some deluded twisted fate “Bernie” was elected we would no longer have a free capitalist form of government. We would become a third would totalitarian form of government. We started down this road to totalitarianism in 2008 with the election of Obama. Now we are on the verge of grasping it. Obama is well on his way of fundamentally changing our form of government from a constitutionally government to a parliamentary form of government. The only difference between “Bernie” and Hillary is “Bernie” would do it quickly and Hillary would take her time as Obama has done. I agree with you, “Our Country is run not by oligarchs, but rather by an unholy marriage of big business and big
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