Personal Narrative: A Little Out Of Place

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A Little Out of Place I was embarrassed, feeling pain, watching everyone’s eyes looking at me, and knowing something wasn’t right. I could tell that my knee wasn’t normal. I left the door thinking it was going to be an awesome day, but did not expect the unexpected. I remember the day like yesterday. I woke up being so happy and excited because it was the second to last day of school before break which meant my birthday was just days away. I was ready to celebrate it early at school with all of my friends. I came to school with a box of cookies and surprised by my friends complimenting me on my straight hair that must’ve taken me hours to do. I felt like that day was only going to get better. Heading to the music room I felt happier than…show more content…
While we were preparing,ef the music started and startled us but we went along with it. As the note hit, I jumped as high as I could. While landing, I crashed my left knee into the bookshelf and immediately felt something wasn’t right.
I turned around and saw that everyone was looking at me so I started laughing to seem like the fall was hilarious. Although I laughed, the pain made me want to cry. I looked down at my knee and saw that the knee cap was on the side of my leg. I remember yelling “It doesn’t look right!”.
After i said that one sentence I immediately saw Mrs. Stewie run out of the room to get the P.E. teacher, kids in my class looking like they were going to throw up, and my friends huddling around me asking if I was ok. Next thing I knew all of my friends and classmates were out of the room. The teachers were calling the rescue squad and also my parents. They arrived around the same time. Because my stepdad, John, is a doctor he popped my knee back into place
We left the school, went to the doctor where I got a splint, and went back to school around the end of the day to hand out my birthday treats. The event shown me that even though things can start out great the unexpected can happen and you have to go with it. To this day I know that I won’t be jumping in music class ever
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