Personal Narrative: A Long Time

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A long time ago... The Plains of Ashford beautiful when you learn to look past the fortifications the Charr have erected and the wrathful ghosts of Ascalon that still haunt the lands. It’s like looking at a perpetual state of the harvest season. Of course, it’s difficult to take everything in when the thunder of guns resound a short distance away from you. “Ack!” the recruit agonized as I carried him on my back. “Can’t feel my fucking legs! Damnit! Damnit, damnit!” He was bleeding from his back and couldn’t seem to move his legs. I would have inspected him, but the aggravated Charr wouldn’t afford me a single second to waste. They were well trained warriors, and I respected them for that. Right now, they were aiming their cannons and rifles…show more content…
He placed his gun down and made motions to rotate, but I stopped him with a powerful strike to the jaw. His head recoiled and slammed against the wood at the force. “What are you-” he had uttered just before my fists continued to pummel at his jaw and nose. I beat him against that tree until his motions were weak and he struggled, incapacitated. He spoke unintelligibly as I pulled a small shrapnel bomb from my kit and attached it to his chest. His hands touched mine, but ultimately he was too dazed to stop me. I sent a powerful elbow to the side of his jaw and knocked him away from the log to the floor. There he bled as I pulled the final device necessary for my escape plan. “Kagen?” What I imagined to be blurred eyes looked up at me right before the liquid was poured on his face, though particularly his eyes. It didn’t take long for that sizzling sound and his screaming to follow. I dropped the vial and paced away. Looking back, I saw him rolling about and making plenty of noise. He was now curled up and screaming. I looked forward and ran. I ran as fast as I could, knowing what would happen next. His screams became distant, and I could not only ear my own panting as I sprinted
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