Personal Narrative: A Migraine That Changed My Life

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Dealing with chronic migraines from age eight had been difficult, but the moment I realized I was gay, fear overtook my pain and sickness. Raised in a conservative family that was deeply dedicated to the church, I knew being “different” made you vulnerable. I had seen how the community dealt with the subject of queerness, and I was terrified of the fallout if I decided to come out. This fear, as well as the academic pressure from my parents to be perfect, compounded my anxiety. I entered a state of denial, pushing away any thought that could label me as different, creating a façade that hid my inner conflict. The intensity and frequency of my migraines led me to switch to an online charter school during my sophomore year. I missed too much…show more content…
My doctor found medication that reduced my migraines to fractions of what they had been before. My overall anxiety reduced, and I slowly came out to my social group and parents. My friends accepted me, but others scorned me. They made statements such as, “ We don’t know how to raise a gay child,” and,“ You know, if you get married, it will never be truly right because it goes against God,” and, “You’re just like an alcoholic, and you should completely abstain from loving anyone because it would be a disgrace.” Their words didn’t have the desired effect; the conflict only made me stronger and surer of myself. Moreover, I learned to ignore the tensions, and I questioned their Christian ‘love’ that felt suspiciously like judgment and…show more content…
A young Latina girl began to confide in me, telling me about the cruelty of playground politics and her struggle to teach her brother English. She told me how she translated for her mother, and how she felt stupid because the school system her forced to read in her second language before she had even learned her first. The program directors had told her to trust in Jesus because she was not enough on her own. I told her to trust in herself, telling her of the strength and beauty she already had inside herself. She listened raptly, and her eyes brightened when she knew that someone believed in
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