Personal Narrative : A New Home

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A New Home Walking away from everything you once knew and starting over is never a picnic. Leaving Iraq, and moving to America has impacted my life more than anything. I was only 4 years old at that time, and the only English I spoke was “excuse me, water please.” My family and I did not know it then, but our lives were going to change; we would become “Americanized”. Learning English was one of the massive changes that occurred, the way I dressed (culture), and even the way I had power to go to school and educate myself. In 2002, from the Amman airport (located in Jordan), we flew to Denver, Colorado. The fear I had of living in a new country was a fear I would encounter time and time again. I knew once I stepped foot on American soil, my entire life would change. I came from an Iraqi family, where English was never spoken. I did not get the chance to attend school at first because I was born later in the year; so, there I was; four years old and I didn’t know a word of English. No one truly knows how difficult it is to come to a country and not be able to speak the language; however, the time had come, and I attended kindergarten. I was tortured and ridiculed because I spoke a “funny” language; kids can be so cruel. I felt trapped in a country where Arabic was not understood. Tears would roll down my face, as I could not get a word across efficiently; nevertheless, I did learn English. It took me some time, but that was just one barrier I had to overcome. I had
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