Personal Narrative: A New Place In Detroit

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I felt the bumping and heard the bus frame squeal quietly as we were on the journey to destination. We were in Detroit, Michigan for a mission trip. It was a new place full of new things for me to experience. And the most eye-opening experience for me was when we helped a neighborhood clean out a disastrous and neglected alley. We pulled up to the destination and I heard the sound of people’s footsteps as we exited the bus and took a glance around, trying to absorb my surroundings. This was our 3rd day in Detroit, and up until today, my sights have been of fancy hotels, huge stadiums, crowded streets, and skyscrapers escalating high in the sky. This place looked a lot more at home with the vibrant green grass in the yards, a family hanging…show more content…
As we looked we realized that what we had witnessed before was only the beginning. There were houses with broken windows, caved in roofs and plant life invading into the house space. These houses were deteriorating in front of our eyes. Some houses had broke open doors with the belongings inside thrown about like a tornado had gone through it. I gasped as my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I knew people had worries about us going to Detroit, but the place we were located was luxurious compared to what I was seeing now. One of my youth leaders explained that this was one of the more troubled parts of Detroit, the reason we came here to help. When things started going bad everyone up and left their homes in order to escape, with all these homes be evacuated, criminals would break in to tear out the copper and steal other belongings. Some of the deteriorating abandoned houses had papers on them that labeled a date that they would get cleaned out and tear down, and all those dates had already been past while the houses stood there still. Multiple signs showed that this neighborhood in Detroit is being neglected, and clearly has been for a long
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