Personal Narrative: A Night At Seattle Children's Hospital

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I will never forget the walk down the halls at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Being amongst a community of people with physical disabilities and health issues left me wondering if I could be the next victim. Waiting anxiously to see the results of my shoulder, I paced frantically back and forth to erase the nervousness grasping my chest. Finally, my name was called, and I jolted forward with anxiousness, hoping everything would be fine. I entered the room and shook hands with my doctor, attempting to sense any sliver of good news. Instead, after the doctor posted the latest scans, I noticed three circular objects highlighted inside my shoulder. The doctor explained that these circular objects could either be benign or cancerous tumors. “Cancerous?” Simply…show more content…
The boy had cancer. I could not comprehend how he could be so jubilant, when his life could possibly end in a matter of months or even days. Then it hit me. He was not letting cancer determine him and his lifestyle. As I looked on, it dawned on me that he was not asking the “why”, but the “how”. How to be positive even when his future seemed bleak. How to not become a burden to himself and others that might be grieving in pain to see their son or friend fighting for his life. By choosing the “how” rather than the “why”, I recognized how often I took the people in my life for granted. The smile that little boy brought that day, humbled me to stop being selfish of my own pain, but selfless. Before my shoulder appointment, I would always complain about my struggles of coming from a lower middle class family. Why did I have to work at my parent’s business everyday after school? Why was I always getting pushed to complete the academic wishes of my tyrannical parents? All these questions that had bothered me, however, had been completely erased by the little boy who had shed light to my gloomy
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