Personal Narrative: A + P Mart

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As I walk of of the A+P Mart from quitting my job because Lingle was being rude to these three women. I heard a loud "CRASH!" I ran around the block to find the girls that Lingle was being rude to upside down in a large SUV. "HELP, HELP" I heard from the SUV. As I ran over there I noticed that one of them was bleeding from the head. "Call nine-one-one!" I exclaimed to a woman watering her garden. I walk around the vehicle to notice there was a gas fire as big as an ox. So immediately I grab one of the girls and take her to safety. Next one was a little harder to get be cause she was a little heavier. Last the third women was the hardest to get to because she was pinned under the SUV. I exclaimed to her, "You're gonna be okay,
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