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I am a part of Time to Revive, which came from Dallas in 2015 to my home city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were taught and equipped to go out into the community and share the Gospel in such a way that made it easy for anyone to do it. Several are still doing this every week from different churches. We gather, worship, train, eat, pray, and go out into our community to pray with, and share the Gospel. We have seen many healings, salvations, and several being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

These past several weeks we have focused on a specific side of town and have seen so much fruit it’s as if people are just waiting for us to come to them so they can hear what we have to share. One specific encounter happened two weeks ago. We approached two young men sitting in front of their homes talking to each other. As we were talking, curious others came out of their homes to see what we were doing. We now had five people listening to what we have to say. By the time I finished, we had five new believers, two miraculous healings, and two that received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I was amazed at what just happened! But it didn’t finish there. As we were talking we found out not only was there a great spiritual need, but also a great physical need. One family had experienced two job losses and was unable to buy any food. Another family also was without jobs, without electricity, no food, and thinking about moving to Chicago closer to family. As we received more
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