Personal Narrative: A Real Team

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An event of realization for me… I remember only very few moments of realization throughout my life, but this one is about being part of a team. A real team, one that supports you. It was May 1, 2017, a home meet for East Noble middle school track team. I ran 100 meter hurdles and 200 meter hurdles, and was told that I was very good. For the 100 meter hurdles Varsity run I got 3rd following the only other two East Noble varsity hurdle girls. I heard the announcer say “3Rd place runner, Wilson”. My family cheered me on, which empowered me even more. I waited quite some time for my next race to come. I heard the announcer call for people to help set the 200 meter hurdles up, so I went to help. IT turns out, that setting them up took a little…show more content…
I got up and finished the last hurdle. I crossed the finish line last. It broke my heart, I thought that I let my team down. My family awaited to meet me after I went to get my clothes. They were asking so many questions about my shoulder, I was too busy crying and looking through tunnel vision at the team that I just let down. We went to the hospital to find that my collar bone was broken, and that I could not finish the season. I went to school the next day, retuning the track uniform. I passed a few kids on the hall, but everybody just said that they were sorry for what happened. But my moment of realization happened when I went to the bathroom upset, Josie following close behind carrying my bag for me. She too had ran hurdles and had seen what happened. “It doesn’t matter to the team that you fell, or that you got last”. “It matters that you finished, and you gave it your all while you could”. “You finished the race with a broken collar bone”. I realized then that I may make your team loose, or win. That does not matter, what matters is that either way you gave it everything you had. I carry that with me at all times. I will remember that
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