Personal Narrative : A Sad Day

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A Sad Day
One day it was a sunny day in Elwood, Indiana. I got up and I was sick. I was throwing up and, coughing and everything. I don’t exactly know what all happened because I was only five years old. I wanted to go see my aunt but I was sick and I was crying for her and my dad and mom was saying ok let’s go, but my other aunt was telling my dad, “No Johnny, you can’t take him over there while he is sick”, but my dad didn’t listen. He took me over there and we played with the other kids that were over there. There was me, my brother Kaden, and my other brother Kamden. I was five, my brother Kaden was four, and my brother Kamden was two. My brother Kaden and my brother Kamden decided to go swimming and they let me too.

We were all just little kids and we were having fun. We all decided to go inside because we were all ready to go inside but my brother Kamden was outside and we didn’t know. None of us knew until, my aunt said “Hey where is Kamden?”, and she sent her son outside to see where he was. He came back inside running and I was sitting on the couch with my mom and my brother Kaden and he said “Guys! Kamden is in the pool!”, my dad and my aunt went rushing outside and pulled him out of the pool. I remember crying, going to the back door and seeing my little brother that was only two on the ground with his eyes clothes. My dad was all wet from where he jumped in the pool. I remember seeing my dad pushing on his stomach trying to get him to wake up but he wouldn’t.…
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