Personal Narrative : A Special Gift

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A Special Gift Growing up, I’ve always been that sibling who receives more than the two. Being, the only granddaughter out of all the grandkids, I have more advantages than my brothers. Moreover, being the favorite my dad allowed me to take upon a new collection. I started collecting Marilyn Monroe items from posters, signs, and even blankets. Then, I was gifted a very special collector’s item that made me appreciate where and whom it came from.
As I started collecting around four or five years ago when my passion started to grow. Like others who collect certain celebrity items, I happen to start collecting anything and everything I could of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Starting off, I bought my first poster and really loved how
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My family realized that I have a huge passion for Marilyn Monroe. My room started fill up more and there began to be limited wall space left. I started to think, I wanted an item that is worth value, and one you couldn’t just purchase from any store. As time went on, I thought of several different items I wanted to purchase a rare framed photo or a charcoal poster. One night, I happen to be visiting my grandparents and the topic had gotten brought up about me deciding if I wanted to purchase a valuable item of Marilyn. My grandpa glanced at me and smiled. He said “ Jada, stay here, I have something for you.” I looked over at my grandma; I said, “ Oh goodness, I bet it’s another cheap necklace he picked up from the grocery story on the way home.” As he hollered my name from the other room, I walked towards him and he had a large box full smaller boxes. I looked at him and said “ Gee grandpa, Just want I wanted” and laughed. He gave me a smirk and said, “ Go ahead and open one.” I will admit, I was truthfully a little nervous. I noticed they were in a green-stripped dingy box. I cut the tap off of one, and then pulled the tissue off and my heart almost sunk in. I couldn’t believe what I was staring at; it’s everything I imagined and more. They had never been opened before. It was 1960’s plates of Marilyn Monroe. They were 1959 dated plates with her famous quotes on the back of it. I was shocked beyond
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