Personal Narrative : A Story?

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"Maybe she isn't like us, maybe she is j-Ow Jules don't hit me there!" a unfamiliar male voice groaned in pain "Shut up Max. I saw it , Liz saw it, we all saw it" a recognizable female voice retorted back, it was the girl from the bonfire, Juliette "That doesn't mean you have to punch me in my no-no square, you could have just disagree with me like any other normal person in this pack" the male voice replied back There voices were a whisper but every passing seconded the volume of there voices raised and raised. I tried to move my limbs but i couldn't, i couldn't even move my little finger on my right hand...i was parlayed from the head down. And to make things worse I couldn't remember anything ,starting from where i was to all the way…show more content…
like Alpha Nylon pack? the whore pack? " The male voice picked up again "She doesn't seem like one of them" "She isn't, she is one of us" I knew there was a lot of girls in are pack that would be consider or labeled as a 'whore' and the men in my pack would be considered as 'man whore' but I wouldn't have called us the whore pack. Did every other pack call us that? "The one and only" Juliette said "I freaking hate that Alpha" she hissed out "Have you heard he banned safe sex so more teens would get pregnant? It's fucking disgusting" I knew the Alpha was different then any Alphas out there but I didn't think he would go that far. This crazy Lyndon rarley talked about his father when anytime he came up in the conservation Lyndon would go silent leaving me questioning about there relationship Did Lyndon agree with Alpha Nylon actions? Did Lyndon help him make those new rules? was Lyndon the guy who i thought he was? "That's disgusting" Elizabeth gagged with disgust and horror -all there voices were clear and loud now, it didn't sound like they were miles away but now only a cementer away- Right beside me. The fogginess in my head started to clear up. Everything was flashing behind my eyes, all the memories from the bonfire was coming one by one, memories from my life flashed through my eyes My back arched off bed from a sudden pain traveling up my spine and all the way to my skull. I could her a high pitch beeping from the right of me going off and on "What's going
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