Personal Narrative: A Traditional Taste Of Mexico

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A traditional taste from Mexico on a single dish causes my mouth to water. Crunchy tacos topped with salsa leaves a stinging after taste that only beans and rice quench the best. Soft grains of rice flavored by chicken broth and tomatoes cause me to crave more crunch and another cool down, but this time, by creamy refried pinto beans. The only heat around comes from the sun lighting up the moon and the body’s uncontrollable tremors. The ground is made up of billions of fused, white crystals that pierce every inch of your skin down to your nerves. Your body resembles the texture of a basketball and your teeth slowly chip away from perpetual chatter. My ears scream for mercy as they are being penetrated by a boisterous noise. It reminds me of a siren, only louder. A continuous sound that echos after the damage is done.…show more content…
A stench that lingers on your clothes becomes an unwanted souvenir. Nose hairs will began to shrivel up and melt away, causing the odor to grow stronger. A majestic waterfall forms a pool of crystal clear blue water. Rainbows glisten above and below the surface. Red cliffs create an inviting atmosphere like ones you would see in a magazine. I can’t wait to sink my feet inside the warm, rich, red
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